Old socks

Par webmaster, le 2 février 2016 :: Never Forget

Pochette de l'album Old socks, 2016

Following « Regenerator », « Old socks » is a 5 track pop, rock and electro mini-album. The songs are inspired by the human condition, melancholy, harmfull bastards, distant love and the emptyness of a materialistic life.

Three talented guests artists joined the group on this album : Madisoncess, performed with a touch of melancholy and sensibility on « Tant bien que mal », Louis Blondin, with his bantering and playful voice tone on « Quelqu’un de bien » and, finaly, Sandrine Dumont with her warm voice on « Why ? ».

5 classical and atypical songs crafted with love for you. Best of all, you are free to pay the price you want.

Enjoy !

(no more available)

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