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Cover of Regenerator, 2015

Never Forget music style is a mix of progressive rock, electro-pop and ambient in both, songs and instrumental tracks. The band members are Jips, Syd and VG Richardson.

The name of the band is a reminder to not forget what we are, our essence, values and principles, our loved ones…

The humanist inspiration of Never Forget is central in all music pieces. We hope they will bring you joy and satisfaction !

Some references

Never Forget draws its inspiration from several sources, including :

– Les cerfs-volants ; Romain Gary ; Gallimard, 1980
– Le coeur conscient ; Bruno Bettelheim ; Laffont, 1972
– Présent et avenir ; Carl Gustav Jung ; 1962
– Ecoute, petit homme ; Wilhelm Reich ; Payot, 1974
– The Thin Red Line ; Terrence Malick, 1998
– The New World ; Terrence Malick, 2005

SYD – Vocals / guitars / bass / keyboards

While the future Fab Four was starting their career in Hamburg, Syd arrives nonchalantly in Geneva, Johnny Rotten was still John Joseph Lyndon when he fell in love with his first guitar, a love story where the six cords will soon be joined by few more basses, keyboards, Yukulele and even a mouth harp. Skilled musician he uses all his talents and even sing when Jips insist heavily.

Fervent admirer of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, Syd played in the band Rivage (co-founder), Lo Tzé, S&S (co-founder) and other bands of the swiss-french region. He also perform as guitarist of the band Spit Reckless with VG Richardson at the drums.

He makes some musical soundtracks for movies and documentaries, teaches music and some time have a break.

JIPS – Keyboards / programming / vocoder

After a love story with a pencil in his infancy, Jips grows up with a passion for sound. He explore synths in his adolescence and start to record demos with different musicians, his first instrument was an Oberheim Matrix 6, followed by some more and diverse collaborations.

Jips favorite keyboard players are Wooly Wolstenholme (Barclay James Harvest) and Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) and he is a great fan of Mike Oldfield. His love of music has no limits and goes from Rock, pop, jazz-rock, jazz, tango, classical, tango to folk, ethnic and songs.

In the choice between trying to sing or have good neighborly relations, decided to force to sing her acolyte Syd using coercion. Nobody will complain.

VG RICHARDSON – Drums / percussions

Fan of Kiss, Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin, his style is definitely rock and was influenced by John Bonham, Carmine, Vinny Appice and Peter Criss.

With hundreds of concerts of concerts tours in europe and japan under the belt he is a stage artist. He worked with Beau Hill, Alice Cooper’s producer and Europe and Bob Dylan.

He has recorded with many bands, Zoso the Led Zepplin tribute, Silver Dirt, Bad Factory, Hat Trick, Gimmick, D’Anglerz and more.

He works with the Manitou Music Studio for movies soundtracks and documentaries.

Jips, VG Richardson & Syd

Syd, Jips & VG Richardson

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